JBottle capsust what is a Brewfest?

A Brewfest is when we get all six kettles going for one group. Imagine…all six kettles!Glass

It’s fun and exhilarating, but best of all, you get a price break…organize a Brewfest, and the sixth kettle is free!
Remember, brewing six styles ensures variety and a discount. We’ve had old homebrewing buddies, new found friends, office parties and restaurant staff come together for the fun and the brewing. Think¬†about getting a brewfest together today.

In addition to bolstering friendship, building morale, fostering teamwork and enhancing self-esteem (need we go on?), everyone has fun and ends up with a good variety (and a good amount) of beer.You won’t believe how many of your friends, acquaintances or co-workers will be excited to participate…but someone has to get the ball rolling!

We’ll be posting some Brewfest pictures soon to show you what it’s all about. Give us a call at (508) 651-8885 to set up a Brewfest today or email us at