BarleycornÕs Beer List

Pale Ales

Alt – An old style German ale, light copper in color with pleasant maltiness.   $190.

Aurora Amber - A full-bodied reddish-amber ale with malty flavors and an emphasis on hop aromas.   $195.

            Bean Town Ale - A Samuel Adams style American Stock Ale.   $200.

            BurtonÕs Best Bitter – A hearty English style pale ale, dry and flavored with traditional British hops.   $205.

            Captain HookÕs ESB - Modeled after RedhookÕs ESB, pale in color with good bitterness in the finish.   $200.

            Copper Ale - A malty, copper-colored ale, similar to Otter CreekÕs Copper Ale.    $180.

            Fort Collins Amber Ale –A Fat Tire knock-off with great sweet malt and crisp hop balance.   $195.

            McMurphyÕs Special Red - This reddish amber colored beer is well balanced in its malt and hop flavors.   $185.

            OscarÕs Pale Ale- Hop aromas abound in our version of DaleÕs Pale Ale sans the can.  $215.

            RubyÕs Red Ale - Light red ale with low bitterness and a clean finish.   $175.

            Sierra Madre Pale Ale - A clone of the famous Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  A definite crowd pleaser !   $195.

            Simcoe Rypa – A reddish American Ale highlighting Simcoe hops.  $230.

            Worthington Pale Ale - Our Bass Ale imitation, soft and nutty with mild hop character.   $180.



            American IPA - Copper in color with a medium maltiness.  Similar to the local favorite, Harpoon IPA.   $205.

            Big ŌMĶ IPA – A big American IPA with great balance, created by Mark, our own ŌBig ManĶ.    $215.

            Cascadian Dark Ale – A rich black ale in the IPA style.  $235.

            Centennial IPA - A single hop beer highlighting the Centennial varietal.  Big, bold & delicious.   $225.

            Double Trouble IPA – For those who canÕt get enough lupulins in their daily intake.  $265.

            DevilÕs Advocate IPA – Rich, malty backbone infused with tangy American hops. Hop Devil clone.   $215.

            English IPA – An English-style pale ale with a big hop presence in both the flavor and the aroma.   $215.

            Hopzilla Red Ale – Similar to Ithaca BrewingÕs Cascazilla, not your traditional Red Ale.  $225.

            Off-centered IPA - Our clone of the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.   $225.


Scottish Ales

Scottish Ale - Full-bodied, darker and maltier than most English ales.  A lightly hopped, softer beer.   $200.

            Traquair House Scottish Ale – A big, bold extremely complex beer with lots of caramel flavors.   $220.

            Wee Heavy – A huge, strong Scottish Ale, dark, complex and delicious.  $250.


Brown Ales

            Beaver Brown  - An American Brown Ale style with good maltiness and assertive hop character.   $190.

            Best Brown - A southern English style, dark brown, low bitterness.   $175.

            Downtown Brown - Chestnut brown in color with a nice roasted malt finish.   $195.

            Palo Alto Brown - Fashioned after PeteÕs Wicked Ale with luscious maltiness and rich hop aroma.   $190.

            River Tyne Brown - Similar to Newcastle Brown, dry with a faint roasty maltiness and a gentle finish.   $180.

            TroyÕs Brown – A hearty American Brown worthy of honoring Mr. Patriot.  $210.



            Baltic Porter – A smooth, full-bodied robust porter with complex multi-layer flavors.  $245.

            Big Cat Porter - Rich chocolate malt body with a dry roasted finish.  Like CatamountÕs Porter.   $195.

            Bourbon Porter – Big, bold and finished with oak chips soaked in Bourbon.  $245.

            Dark Star Porter – Liquorice root is used to flavor this creation by Thursday Guy Gary.  $190

            Dr JÕs Caramel Porter – Created by a long time customer, a creamy full flavored favorite.   $205.

            Vanilla Honey Porter – Rich, malty, complex porter with subtle honey and vanilla favors.   $225.


Traditional English Ales

            Best Bitter - Mid level gravity and more malt flavor than the ordinary and more hop character.   $190.

            ESB – Extra Special Bitter.  Strong malt flavor and an equally assertive hop character.   $210.

            Midlands Mild - Malty, reddish-brown session beer with a low alcohol content (about 3.5%).    $175.





            BardÕs Breakfast Stout – Big, chewy and full of roasted flavors and oatmeal creaminess.  $255.

            Dragon King Stout - A sweet Stout with espresso overtones.   $200.

            El Dorado Stout – Rich, full bodied with pronounced caramel flavors.   $205.

            Oatmeal Stout - A full-bodied, rich smooth and creamy stout with complex maltiness.   $205.

St. JamesÕ Gate Stout - A big, black and robust Irish dry stout in the Guinness tradition.   $195.


Specialty Beers

            Bambino Summer Ale - An easy-drinking, refreshing ale with a slight hint of lemon zest.    $190.

            Barleywine - A particularly strong ale with full-bodied sweetness balanced with hoppy bitterness.   $250.

            Blonde Ale - Light colored ale with noticeable hops and slight fruitiness.   $195.

            California Common Steam - Like the famous Anchor Steam.  Clean and dry with a hoppy finish ***   $190.

            Calistoga Cream Ale – A light bodied American style ale with subdued fruitiness and a crisp finish.   $190.

            Celebration Ale – A very hoppy American ale derived from Sierra NevadaÕs seasonal offering.   $215.

            Holiday Spiced Ale - A subtle spiciness of orange peel, cinnamon, allspice and cloves.   $195.

            Kolsch - A German ale with wheat malt, clean and refreshing with fairly high hop bitterness. ***   $185.

            NorÕEaster Winter Ale - A dark, heavy potent American style winter ale that is malty and smooth.   $220.

            Pumpkin Ale – Seasonal award winning favorite made with fresh pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices. ***  $185.

            Winter Ale - Similar to GearyÕs Winter Ale, malty and strong.   $210.

            Winter Warmer - Another dark, strong ale, like YoungÕs Winter Warmer.   $210.



            Amsterdam Light - Our imitation of Amstel Light.   $175.

            Bean Town Lager - A straw colored Sam Adams Lager imitation.   $190.

            Bock Beer - A dark, high alcohol lager with malty-sweetness and low hop bitterness.   $220.

            BrewkeeperÕs Honey Lager – Award winning honey lager, smooth, strong and scrumptious.  $235.

            Czech Pilsner - A pale golden classic pilsner, soft and soothing with pronounced Saaz hop flavors.   $220.

            Doppelbock - Full-bodied, dark, strong bock with balanced bitterness and pronounced roasted flavors.   $225.

            Dortmunder Export Pilsner - Light in color yet quite flavorful.  Malty and pronounced hop character.   $200.

            Dublin Lager - An old style Irish lager, mellow and smooth.   $185.

            Dunkel Pils – A robust, dark pilsner with generous additions of Saaz & Perle hops.  $205.

            Firehouse Lager - Similar to a Sam Adams Lager, but mildly hopped for less bitterness.   $185.

            JamieÕs Helles Munich Lager - A light golden colored lager, clean malt taste with mild spicy hop character.   $190.

            Maibock - A strong, light colored bock beer with a malty flavor.   $215.

            Netherlands Nectar - A Heineken knock-off with a dry finish and gentle hoppiness.   $190.

            Oktoberfest - A traditional festival beer with an assertive maltiness and good hop balance.   $200.

            Sammy Light - Our version of the Sam Adams Light.   $185.

            Schwartz Bier - A dark, German style lager with a full bodied malt flavor and a spicy hop character.   $200.

            Sedlmayer Oktoberfest – A clone of the world famous Spaten Oktoberfest, soft, elegant and complex.   $205.


Wheat Beers ***

            American Wheat Ale - A light bodied wheat with North American hop accents.    $185.

            Dunkel Weizen - A dark wheat beer with a rich, malty character.   $190.

            Hefe Weizen - German style, unfiltered wheat beer with a clovelike spiciness.   $195.

            Honey Wheat – The addition of a small quanitity of honey makes for a smooth, delectable wheat ale.    $220.

            Imperial Hefeweizen – A stronger, bigger version of a classic German wheat beer.   $235.                                           


Belgian Ales  ***

            Abbey Blonde Ale - Well balanced with malt and spicy hops and a lingering, complex aftertaste.   $215.

            Belgian Wit - A traditional Belgian coriander and orange peel spiced wheat beer.    $195.

            Biere de Garde - A French country ale, deep amber color, full bodied and smooth.   $195.

            Saison - A golden, orange saison with a complex fruity flavor and a dry finish.   $210.

            Trappist Ale - Similar to the world famous Chimay Red, with a copper color and a sweet flavor.   $220.

            Trappist Tripel  - Golden with mild sweet orange citrus aroma and flavor.   $235.


(***  These beers use special ingredients and may require additional lead time. Please contact us for details. )

Guest Brewer Series***  (***  These beers use special ingredients and may require additional lead time. )


            Tod Mott – Portsmouth Brewing  ***

                        Double IPA – Hop-head Heaven with this well balanced 100 IBU monster.  $245.

                        Gnaurghly Barleywine – An intense barleywine, bold and complex with a 11.5% ABV.   $270.

                        Imperial Stout – KateÕs little sister.  Big, bold & full bodied.   $285.


            Dann Paquette – Pretty Things  ***

                        Abt 12 – The original Tripel, a dark beer before Westmalle revolutionized the style.   $245.

                        Austrian Extra Bock – A knock-off of the EKU 28, a strong malty lager.   $255.

                        Petit Jack  A little version of Jack DÕOr, an American Saison.  $230.


            Aaron Mateychuk – Watch City Brewing ***

                        Chocolate Thunder – A full bodied Baltic Porter brewed with 2 pounds of Belgian chocolate.   $240.

                        Schilling 38 – An easy-to-drink copper-orange, light bodied mild Scottish session beer.    $185.

                        Titan Brown – A big and extremely rich American Brown Ale with bold hop flavor and aroma.   $245.


            Will Meyers – Cambridge Brewing Company ***

                        Belgian IPA – A hoppy Belgian Blonde Ale.   $230.

                        Charles River Porter – A robust, complex full-bodied porter with coffee & roasted highlights.   $210.

                        Tripel Threat – A smooth Belgian Tripel with banana overtones and citrus fruit flavors.   $250.


            Jaime Schier – Harpoon Brewery ***

                        Abbey Ale – A Belgian Pale Ale with light fruity sweetness and floral hoppiness.   $205.

                        Barleywine – American style, sweet, rich, fruity and solidly hoppy.    $235.

                        Oatmeal Stout – A smooth stout with pronounced caramel and roasted flavors.   $205.


            Paul Davis – Prodigal Brewery ***

                        Lucknow IPA – An all-time favorite, terrific hop flavors and aromas with perfect balance.    $205.

                        Lucknow Porter – A hoppy, robust porter with toasty, chocolate flavors.    $205.

                        Traditional Bock –Malty and strong, amber in color, well rounded and full bodied.    $215.


            Dan Kramer – Element Brewing ***

                        Amber Ale – Delightfully easy drinking beer with wonderful balance.  $195.

                        Double IPA – Intensely hoppy, yet well balanced with good malt backbone.  $245.

                        Imperial Pilsner – Pilsner in appearance, but stronger and more hoppy than the traditional version.  $225.


            Dave Richardson – Gardner Ale House ***

                        Belgian Double IPA – A marriage of a big Belgian beer and an Ameican IPA.  $260.

                        Honey Brown – A medium-bodied Brown Ale brewed with wildflower honey.  $225.

                        Rauchbier – A German style lager with a distinct smoke flavor.  $205.


            Jon Curtis – Haverhill Brewing ***

                        GestAlt – Award winning German style amber ale with clean taste and a dry finish.  $200.

                        Leatherlips IPA – Lower ABV than most IPAÕs, but packed full of hop flavors.  $200.

                        Milk Stout – A sweet stout, smooth and delightfully creamy.  $195.


            Matt Steinberg – Blatant Brewing ***

                        Hop Goddess – A Belgian IPA with famously aromatic hop notes, earthy and spicy.  $235.

                        Inkwell Stout – An Imperial Stout with the perfect balance of roasted flavor and strength.  $260.

                        MIPA – An American IPA featuring piney and citrusy hops.  $225.


            Scott Brunelle – Rock Bottom ***

                        Cinco de Mayo Jalapeno Lager – A crisp blonde lager with a touch of Jalapeno flavor and aroma.  $195.

                        CzarÕs Nightmare – A Russian Imperial Stout with chocolate notes and a pleasant hop finish.  $225.

                        Czechmate Pils  A Bohemain style pilsner with a nice rounded hop balance.  $205.


            Ben Roesch -  Wormtown Brewing ***

                        IPA – An IPA featuring the FalconerÕs Flight hops.  $215.

                        Oatmeal Honey Brown – Honey and Oatmeal combined to make this Brown Ale a delightful brew.  $210.

                        Sorachi Saison – The Sorachi hops and the yeast provide the spiciness to this Belgian style Saison.  $205.


            Michael LaCharite – Casco Brewing ***

                        I Got Canned IPA – A West Coast IPA hop bomb using 5 different hops.  $225.

                        Katahdin Red Ale – An American version of a classic Irish Red Ale.  $195.

                        OÕTay Porter – A Robust Porter, full bodied, rich and malty with a hint of maple finish.  $245.


            Jack Hendler – JackÕs Abby Brewing ***

                        Imperial IPL – A wickedly hoppy lager with hugh citrus aromatics.  $245.

                        Smoke Lager – A dark, smoky beer with aromas of bacon and campfire.  $200.

                        Tettnang Offensive – Full bodied, malty with a earthy and piney hop aroma.  $215.


            Sean Lawson – LawsnÕs Finest Liquids ***

                        Kiwi Double IPA - New Zealand hops Nelson Sauvin and Pacific Jade are featured.  $255.

                        Toast Black IPA - Simcoe hops throughout in this rich roasted flavor beer.  $230.

                        Triple Play IPA – 2012 NIPAC winner in a field of 128 IPA entries.  $240.


(***  These beers use special ingredients and may require additional lead time. Please contact us for details. )












                        Root Beer

                        Birch Beer



                        Ginger Ale

                        Cream Soda




                                    Each batch will yield approximately 4 gallons of soda or about 40 – 12 oz. Bottles.    $60.